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quarta-feira, 10 de outubro de 2012

Why be kawaii?

Well, i've been thinking for a long time about that and since i decided to be kawaii i pay more attention to what i'm gonna buy or wear. So in this blog i'm gonna share all my  ideas to be kawaii without spend a lot of money and other stuffs.
Why be kawaii?
I think that  every one needs to find your own style, but you can mix two styles as well.
I've decided to be kawaii because it makes my life better, more fun, somethimes people might think you're weird but in true they're just jeanlous because they don't have courage as you to do what they want or they're just not creative or  have style.
As me, you can try to put kawaii things in your life easily and when you notice you'll be 100% KAWAII.
My name is KIKI and let's start our party!
わたしの なまえ あきら です

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